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Matrix management I once had a role where I was responsible to one person for ‘pay and rations’ and most of my job, his boss for a small but significant and that person’s boss for another very significant part of my role. You might imagine the complexity of relationships involved in this and the challenges that I faced.

I wish that I had known about some of the stuff in thisĀ  Training Journal article june 2015

Most of us spend our lives in hierarchies where the (formal) power structures are clear and understandable, however the increasing prevalence of other organisational forms, not least the ‘matrix’ often used in consultancies of one sort or another, lead to challenges in understanding how to make them work.

My friend Dave Bancroft-Turner has spent many years understanding how to make non-traditional organisational structures work. This article from Training Journal gives and insight. If you want to know more then contact either me or Dave at The Academy for Political Intelligence

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